Perfect bloomin’ timing
Perfect bloomin’ timing

Perfect bloomin’ timing

I want to share a little painting with you and a little story……

When I was flying into the forest in Ecuador… my face was pinned to the airplane window as tears streamed down. Everywhere I looked…. trees…

Beautiful countless rolling waves of green trees!

Giant Kapok trees soared over spreading their HUGE canopy as if hugging their tree family close to them.

Little skinny trees pushing their way up through the dense canopy.

And big old leafless trees that had had their day.

A HUGE interconnected family of trees… spreading out for miles and miles and miles and miles…

The JOY and feeling of love was utterly intoxicating!

As I looked and sighed and cried over the canopy I noticed that very randomly every so often I would notice one tree blooming… showers of golden yellow blossoms… completely going for it!

These stunning blooming trees looked so steady and confident, grounded and radiantly happy!

I imagined a scenario where trees were humans… and one tree looks to another and to all of his pals and says..”should I bloom? Is it time? Do you reckon I’m ready? I should shouldn’t I?

Oh I don’t know what to do I don’t feel ready to bloom but everyone else is doing it!

So I SHOULD too?!”

But trees in the forest don’t look around checking out their neighbours blossoms (or maybe they do?!)

..the lessons I learned from the trees that day is that all trees bloom in their own time.. and I am taking that very personally.

I will bloom when I’m bloomin’ ready!!!

And so shall we all… just like the trees in the forest.

Big love to you and your perfect blooming timing.