Sinéad Cullen
Lets Create Better Ways of Living

Lets Create Better Ways of Living

Let’s Create Better Ways of Living was a  two-year project that I set up to learn about Eco-villages and intentional communities. It was funded through online crown funding,  the sale of artwork, and by working and living by exchange, writing, co-creating, and facilitating with communities in Europe and South America maintained a blog recording my experience and learnings from 20 eco-villages and presented my experience and findings through presentations in Irish Communities. Images are of some of the communities and below are two sub-projects.

Los Portales, Spain.
Antakarana, Colombia during the Llamada de la Montaña gathering
Madre Sierra, Sierra Nevada, Colombia.
Let’s Create – Ghost House, Sweden (2017)  

Ghost house was a Tiny house Eco-village exploration at Ӓngsbacka Eco-village,  Sweden. It included voluntary architectural design, teaching and participatory design facilitation with EVS volunteers to create Ghost houses for the Global Eco-Village Conference.

Ghost houses

 Let’s Create – Shade, Spain (2018)

Reused circular aluminium columns, plastic mesh, cable ties

While living at Los Portales Eco-village, Spain we created simple shaded structures as part of the participatory process with Eduardo Canals Perez (Architect) and EVS volunteers for the REI – RED Iberica de Ecoaldeas – Eco-village gathering

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