Sinéad Cullen
Creativity Kickstarter

Creativity Kickstarter

From the 1st to the 21st of September 2022 I am taking a gentle Creative Kickstarter with the invitation to explore Coming into balance. 

This is 21 days to ease into creativity – to gently begin a regular creative practice. Primarily this is a challenge set by myself, for myself – a challenge to get into action and for 21 days (starting from Thursday 1st September) to take small yet consistent creative action each and every day.

My intention is that Coming into balance is the second in a series of 21-day Creativity Kickstarters that will take place over the coming months. I can already feel the deliciousness in my intention to take time each day to do what nourishes my creativity.

I will be sharing on Instagram and on Facebook, pictures and updates about my progress, using the hashtag #21daycreativitykickstarter. I will share in my newsletters each week how that journey is going – including challenges and insights. You can sign up for my newsletters here.

My intention is to create really beautiful pockets of time to listen, and to trust that simply and consistently showing up will allow me to let go of any limiting beliefs and open up to what wants to grow next!

I invite you to join me. All you need to do is pick something you’ve been meaning to create for a while but have not been ready, not found the time or have let procrastination or overwhelm get in the way. Then join me every day from Wednesday 1st June and share something (it can be anything) about your journey on Facebook and/or Instagram. It might just be a post or a comment on my post or it could be a picture of you taking action.

You might…

  • Meditate on a poem or inspiring quote
  • Free write, write on the theme of “my creativity for change” or write a poem
  • Make a piece of craft – a card, a model, a piece of land art in nature…
  • Dance and draw
  • Be inspired by elements of nature
  • Listen to music
  • Read an inspiring book/poem
  • Paint each day – or something else…

The Creativity Kickstart can support you to

  • Make time to show up to the creative ideas that matter to you.
  • Allow spaciousness for your creative ideas to unfurl
  • Bring presence, greater awareness and curiosity to the more subtle aspects of your creative practice. – Nourish your creative confidence by setting intentions and showing up regularly for your practice
  • Lean into the unknown – who knows what this could lead to…

I would love to see this challenge support change in your organisation, in your community and in your life, so you can Invite your work colleagues or friends to join you. Whatever you do, so that we can see each other’s progress, don’t forget to use the hashtag #21daycreativitykickstarter

Are you in?