Sinéad Cullen


Creativity for Change

  • For me creating art is a catalyst for change: I see it as a part of bigger creative processes. Studying and working as an architect sketching, painting, drawing, model-making, listening, communicating, researching, analysis and presenting are an intrinsic part of the process of creating a building. I have always loved the diversity of this process. I was feeling really stuck in my life a year ago and I was curious to see what would happen if I painted every day. I followed my curiosity and starting with painting abstract chaotic images, then became fascinated with lines and gold ink and I found myself being inexplicably drawn to the wildness of West Cork where I painted the water and most recently my paintings have been informed by the wild landscape around Garinish. You can see some of these paintings here.

Lets Create

  • ‘Lets Create Better Ways of living’ – In October 2016 I started a two year journey exploring eco-village life: living and working in Eco-villages around the world and sharing my experiences as a way of inspiring positive creative change in peoples lives. I lived by exchange and for travel expenses: I sold paintings, ran a crowd funding campaign and kept a blog about my experiences.


  • Saul Road – the design of my own house: a refurbishment and extension with a two storey cedar clad box onto the side of a simple two bedroom house in Dublin.
  • Finca Bona Fide – An architectural design project that I worked on in on Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua


  • Home.Heart.Hope. An Exhibition in partnership with Habitat for Humanities called as part of HOME/SICK exhibition in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin
  • IDIR a group if Irish artists that I was part of that brought a show to Brooklyn New York and and an installation in the Science Gallery
  • I am nothing – Solo Exhibition in Pallas Studios Dublin
  • Create Inspire Transform – Solo Studio in Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin


  • The Tree of Life: bronze relief sculpture entitled commissioned by Community Centre Malahide,