23 x 30.5cm PRINT – Towards the Iveragh Peninsula
23 x 30.5cm PRINT – Towards the Iveragh Peninsula

23 x 30.5cm PRINT – Towards the Iveragh Peninsula


This is a print of an original watercolour from a series of daily paintings, created during my time living in Garinish on the Beara Peninsula. Each day I painted and posted the painting, a photo or video and often some text, on social media. 

This piece is 23 x 30.5 cm and is printed on beautiful Hahnemühle paper.

Mounted and packaged. Unframed.

P & P included in the price.


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17th February 2021 – Facing north towards the Iveragh Peninsula

“Yesterday I was sitting on the rocks by the shore

(facing North)

I was in a silent peaceful world

Watching the stunning ultramarine sea

Then I saw a movement on the rocks

I stayed still..

It stopped and looked at me: A Stoat!!!

I could tell it wasn’t sure what to do..so we looked at one another for a while.. I barely took a breath

Then the wind caught my hair and back it ran to where it came from

Then a peep from behind the rock!

And then another!! A different face! A second Stoat!

I must have let a gasp of delight as they didn’t re-appear.

Oh my goodness what a joy!

And then ..as if my day could possibly get any better after that!

I went to my new favourite swimming spot

And as I was changing.. I saw something in the water.. not far from the shore..

Diving under the oncoming waves

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven

It was my absolute favourite animal in the world!!!


I watched it glide through the water, then bobbing and diving..

And finally it disappeared from sight clambering up the rocks not 20 metres from me

What a day!

And then I got to swim in divine great waves

What a day!

Heart all burst open with delight!!”