Moving in Newbold
Moving in Newbold

Moving in Newbold


Movement Medicine Classes

Friday Dec 9th and 16th drop-in Movement Medicine classes exploring the theme of connection, to self, other, community and environment.

7:30pm-9:30pm Newbold house, 111 St Leonards Road Forres,  IV36 2RE, Scotland.

Human communities have always come together with their own beats and rhythms to dance, sing and tell stories, celebrating life and calling in dreams for their future generations. Movement Medicine is another way to do this; it is a form of conscious dance that allows us to re-connect with ourselves, and our unique creativity, and to explore life around us as a co-creator. These classes are open to anyone with a curiosity to dance and explore in a safe and fun environment.

Sinéad is a Movement Medicine Teacher, an artist and an environmental architect. Her work focuses on what it is that connects us with our creative potential, with one another and with our planet. Her classes and workshops she explores aspects of the creative process; allowing movement to be a catalyst for greater awareness of, and greater access to, your unique creative expression.

“Dance connects us – with our bodies, with our souls, with each other, with the space within and around us and with the spirit of life. It gives us breathing space away from the noise of our busyness. In that space we come into deeper alignment with ourselves and our own intuitive knowledge….Once we enter the flow of our movement we learn to trust the natural creativity of the life force inside us.” Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan The School of Movement Medicine

This work counts as prerequisites for the Apprenticeship Programme and Professional Training with The School of Movement Medicine.

For information you can contact Sinéad by email on