December update
December update

December update

Here I am: still in Colombia and continuing to be astounded, wowed and amazed by this country and people. We’re coming to the end of another year so it is a natural time for reflection on the last 12 months. A year ago I was in Scotland in the gorgeous Eco-community of Newbold with frost and snow, and not sure of where I as going next, but holding the dream and commitment to explore more communities. Now as I write I am up in the mountains outside of Medellin staying with some friends that I have met along the way and really bathing in appreciation of the kindness and openheartedness of the many people that I have met in so many communities this year.  I constantly have to pinch myself that this journey is really happening: it feels like some sort of magic to be taking these steps further and further into community.


This year has been such a rich one and I have so much to be grateful for. I am brimming with beautiful memories of meetings and gatherings, laughter in wonderful communities and stunning glorious time alone in nature. I feel so blessed to be on this journey of exploring and learning what is mine to offer in the world and now more than ever I renew my commitment to offer my creativity and my work in service of our mama earth, to life on our planet and for all our generations to come. I commit to offering everything I have got to ensure that I live up to the task that I believe us humans have been given: to be guardians and caretakers of this planet.


And 2018: what will it bring? I am feeling excited (and a bit terrified) as some new projects are coming into focus. I will share more about them as they evolve: for now they are little seedlings that need a little more incubation time.


My main focus at the moment remains here in my journey in Colombia. I have just over a month left here and there is so much that I wish to still see: this country is absolutely abundant with inspiring projects! I would need several years to explore them!


I love being here; I fall deeper in love with the place each day, even through the challenges. I feel that I am healing old wounds and shedding light on my souls callings more and more as I feel the sparks of Colombian passion for the earth and for their appreciation of their indigenous heritage. It feeds my souls and absolutely inspires me. I believe that we are all yearning to remember who we are just as we are all seeking happiness. I am certain that our sense of belonging and our happiness lies in our relationship with our earth and the many beings that we share her with. These are relationships that need our attention just like any other and I find a rich appreciation for these relationships in communities.


Since my last newsletter and post about Viracocha I have written quite a few posts and have shared links below:

  • Nashira a women’s community near Cali.
  • Mocoa Otavalo Las Lajas: Images from Mocoa in Putumayo Colombia, from my time in Otavalo, Ecuador and returning to Colombia to visit the beautiful church of Las Lajas in the very south of Colombia.
  • KindicochaA record of my time in a gorgeous seedling community in Valle De Sibundoy:
  • Atlántida: an account of my time in a spiritual centre –and what was the site of a community that collapsed a few years ago:

This feels like A LOT! There is a lot to see and it is easy to fall into our societal habit of making ‘to-do’ lists and race to complete it! I am aware of my need to slow down and have been reminded about this by time spent recently in Colombia’s first Slow Town which I will post soon, but in the meantime take your time, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and read a your leisure 🙂


I am sending you warm greetings for the Solstice, for Christmas and for the New Year.  I am not sure where I will be for Christmas or with whom but I am pretty much assured of being in a gorgeous place as Colombia has so much to offer. I admit that I am yearning for my family and friends at this time of year and feeling pangs of sadness at the distance – but I am at the same time certain that I am in what right place and am marvelling at this capacity to hold sadness and happiness in my heart at the same time.


With love and gratitude to all of you for your support in so many ways for this journey. I am wishing you a joyful Solstice, a peaceful Christmas and I wish that 2019 brings us all into co-creative, open hearted connection.



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